Tuesday, September 17, 2002


Most mornings I watch the sun rise in my rearview mirror on the way to work. Each day as I see the sky explode from gray to pink to orange to blue, I can't help but to think of how poetic that moment seems. Even those words "this morning I watched the sun rise in my rearview mirror" seem like they should be part of a country song.

It's funny, because everytime I see that pink orb floating at my back it makes me sad, and I can't quite figure out why. Am I sad because it's early and I wish I was still in bed? Because I've now joined the proverbial rat race? Because I miss my family and friends?

Although all of these statements are true, I don't think they're what's causing this deep-seeded feeling of regret. I think I'm sad because I wish I wasn't driving away from something so beautiful. I wish I was driving towards the patchwork of vibrant colors instead of glimpsing them in that tiny rectable above my head.

But I think the sadness goes deeper. Because I know that too often I only catch a glimpse of the beauty in the world around me because I'm too busy. I rush to work and nearly miss the sunrise. I watch television and ignore the lightning forking through the sky on the other side of my window. I read a book and don't notice the mossy green rocks on the shore of the lake. I clean house and just see out of the corner of my eye a butterfly dissappear out of sight. I miss so much every day.

I'm trying to learn to slow down. To realize that I can and should worship through God's creation. I'm trying not to let so many things pass me by. Just the other day I pulled over when I saw a rainbow stretching over the road. I got out of my car and just stood in a ditch with weeds up to my ankles and waited until the colors had faded. It's a step.


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