Sunday, April 01, 2007

My Summary of Ethiopia :)

Below are my journal entries from Ethiopia. They are backwards, so I numbered them so you can read them in order (1-9). I've also posted my photos on my Flickr website, in addition to the ones you can find below. That address is

Things I Learned in Ethiopia
-When you visit a country where the meanings of names are important, and your name essentially means a type of alcohol, you will be picked on.
-A simple breakfast of barley bread and hibiscus tea with my new Ethiopian friends is the perfect way to start a day.
-Even an Ethiopian personal trainer at the gym can spot me as a “beginner”—especially when I’m sitting backwards at the machine.
-Dehydration means not peeing for 12 hours.
-The only things granted right-of-way on the streets of Addis Ababa are cows and goats.
-Highway lanes are merely suggestions.
-When fruit is marinated, always ask what it’s marinated in. Or suffer the consequences.
-Sticking your head in an Ethiopian toilet is both humbling and disgusting.


Blogger gretalynn said...

I enjoyed your pictures. Ethiopians are such a beautiful people!
Thanks, Brandy!

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