Monday, February 13, 2006

Wow, it's been a while!

I just realized that February is almost half-way over, and I haven't posted a blog yet! I was doing pretty good for a while there, but I guess I've just slacked lately.

It's actually been a really weird few weeks. On one hand, I've had some great days. Late-night card games, a rounding evening of spoons, cooking dinner for friends, curling up with some good books, hanging out with my roommates. It's been nice.

But this time of year is always clouded with grief. The month of February holds Dennis' birthday and he and Mom's anniversary...and March holds his death. It hangs over my family like a thick fog that we can't fight our way out of...or maybe we're just too tired to try.

I hate this time of year. I hate it because two dates that should be joyful have been stamped out, leaving us only with sadness.

I hate it because I can't handle listening to my mom cry on the phone. I hate it because even now as I type this my chest is tightening. I hate it because it hurts.


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