Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I've been gone far too long...

Sorry for the really long absence! I have been SWAMPED with finishing out my job in Hannibal, wrapping up the semester with my classes, and doing some freelance work for Compassion. I can't wait until I have ONE job, instead of three! Actually, the only reason I have time to blog right now is because the program I'm using today is SLOOOOOOOW, and if I don't do something to distract myself while it's loading I may very well have a nervous breakdown!

It's so hard for me to believe that in two weeks I will be leaving. It's so bittersweet. I will miss my friends and church here so much, but I am incredibly excited about the job and opportunities that await me in Colorado.

Friday night some friends from church threw a going away luah for Sabrina and me. It was so much fun! We ate, limbo-ed, played tacky tourist relay, and just had a great time together. It makes me realize how much I will miss everyone.

Well, I kept thinking of fun things to put on this blog, but now that it all comes down to it, I don't feel all that creative. I just wanted to pop in so all three of my readers will know that I haven't given up this blogging thing. I'll try to post more later!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, it's Scott, I'm just too lazy to go thru the registration process so I picked anonymous. It's not necessarily just three readers...sometimes the boys look over our shoulders when we're reading...

10:50 PM  

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