Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Yes, I caved and went camping in the great outdoors of Colorado. I have some stipulations when it comes to camping. If it's tent camping, two nights is my maximum. Bathrooms are a must. Showers are STRONGLY preferred. Thankfully, my trip met all of those requirements, and I had a great time. Even did seven hours of hiking over the course of the weekend.

The actual campsite was next to a creek, and it was so beautiful and peaceful. I went with some new friends from the Bible study that I'm attending, and it was lots of fun hanging out and getting to know them better. I kept up during the hiking (barely), and saw some beautiful sights. It reminded me when I worked at camp, and we'd take the girls on a pretty grueling hike. The whole way up the mountain, I just kept telling the girls the view was worth it. And it always was.

Now I'm looking for an indoor activity to get involved with (I can only handle so much of the great outdoors!) I was going to try a book club at the local library, but I was too late getting in, so I'll have to wait until next month.

Sorry, not a terribly interesting post, but it's the best I've got. I'm kind of going through a dry spell when it comes to personal happens sometimes, especially when I write all day at work. But you, my readers (all three of you) keep me accountable!


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